CWops #260

MBA,- 1986

#1634 First Class CW Operators Club

CWops #260

Arizona Outlaws   Contest Club

Member since 1980

Arizona State University - B.S. 1976

 Personal News


News Item One

Many of you know that I am in need of a kidney transplant. I have a hereditary Polycystic kidney disease that has progressed to the point that I was added to the national transplant list in February 2012. I will be facing dialysis if I cannot find a living donor. It takes 3 to 5 years in AZ for a cadaver kidney to come available. Help spread the word. I need a matching blood type. In my case it is A. Positive or Negative does not matter in a transplant.


News Item Two

I will be active in the IARU contest from the QTH of W8AEF using the call W1AW/7 as the ARRL multiplier along with 3 other ops on 20m CW.

KC7V qrv from N7AT Arizona 

While between stations I have operated a lot from the QTH of K8IA and N7RQ mostly using the club call N7AT of the Arizona Outlaws Contest Club. All operations I have been involved in have been multi-op.  We are planning to be there for there in the fall for contests.


I am tentatively planning for Liberia (EL) Africa for the CQWW CW Contest in November 2012 as part of the Voodoo Contest Group's 19th trip to West Africa.

  Topic Two

I have been part of these contest calls: 3X5A, 4B2A, 4U0ITU, 5U5A, 5V7A, 9G5AA, 9L5A, CN5N, EL2A, KP2N, KP2A, TY5A,           TZ5A, XT2DX, ZC4Z, ZF2WW

  Topic One

My calls: KC7V,  WB7SVQ, KB7JE, K7MF, 5U7MF, 5V7MF, 7J1AEN, 9G5MF, CN2MF, KC6MF, TY5MF, TZ6MF, XT2MF               XX9MF, ZC4MF, ZF2MF, EL2MF

Other Portable Calls: 4X/KC7V, 5B4/KC7V, DU1/KC7V, KH0/KC7V, KH2/KC7V, KH6/KC7V, KL7/KC7V, KP2/KC7V, HB9/KC7V, JT1/KC7V, OH0/KC7V, OH2/KC7V, OJ0/KC7V, PP5/KC7V, UA3/KC7V, VE3/KC7V, XE2/KC7V;  Guest op calls: SU1ER, 9V1VY

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